We have a unique initiative to bring a proprietary screening of our film to Synagogues and Jewish communities across the country BEFORE the film has its theatrical release.

We are first giving individual members of these communities the opportunity to donate to the first part of our fundraiser effort to become producers and provide us with the starter funds needed to get this production off the ground.

Once the pieces have been put in place and the starter funds are raised, we will be inviting synagogues and communities as a whole to donate to our production budget and in return, gain exclusive rights to have a premiere of the film for the members of their communities before anyone else.

This is a film about growing in a Jewish community, so it is very important to us that Jewish communities across America are directly involved in the realization of this project.

We have a 5 Step Strategy to go from the current development phase to wide release of this film:

  • Starter Funds

    We are currently seeking $6,000 to fund what is known in the film industry as Starter Funds. These are the monies we will need to have in place before we can raise the full budget for our production.

    Starter Funds will go towards:

    Establishing the legal entities and accounts necessary to legally collect and use our production funds.

    Filming a sizzle trailer and several sample scenes of the film that we can show to prospective donors and producers in order to secure our full production budget. Starter Funds

  • Production Budget

    Once the legal entities are in place and pitch materials such as the trailer and sample scenes have been filmed, we will launch our fundraising campaign for Jewish organizations and synagogues to donate to directly.

    These organizations will be able to donate to the production fund and will be given documentation and proof of exactly what their funding will go towards. Every penny of raised money will go towards a carefully calculated production budget and every cent will be visible on the screen. 

  • Production

    Once the production budget is fully raised and accounted for, we will go into production.

  • Synagogue Premieres

    Once post production is complete and the the film is finalized, we will have a series of exclusive premieres at Jewish organizations and Synagogues all across the country.

  • Broad Release

    After the Synagogue Premieres, we will release the film and enter it into various premiere Film Festivals such as SXSW and Sundance.

    After our initial festival circuit, we will distribute the film for wide release, theatrically or through streaming services, though many members of the Jewish community will have already had an exclusive preview!