Project Goals

We hope to present our film BAR MITZVAH MAN as a representation of the modern Jewish young adult for all Jewish audiences as a fun, entertaining new Jewish film. We hope this film is the start of a dialogue about the ever changing role of the Jewish identity in the modern spiritual and secular world.

Almost every jewish holiday can be summed up as “They tried to kill us, they didn’t, let’s eat.” We see this project as a much needed “Let’s Eat” contribution to Jewish media. While it continues to be critical to tell the heavier histories of our peoples’ tribulations, modern Jewish sages like Mel Brooks teach us that it is just as important to be proud and have fun with our jewish identities. We hope this film will fulfill the latter need.

In addition, Bar Mitzvah Man is a film to inspire dialogue between the different generations within our Jewish community. A large group of Jews is never going to agree about everything, but we believe Bar Mitzvah Man is a means to begin an important conversation to help them all grow closer.

To this end, our goal is to raise our production funds with the help of these Jewish communities, so that we can deliver this film directly to them before releasing the completed film to a wider audience.

The specifics for this endeavor can be found in our project timeline.